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Keystone Community Correction Centers

Contract with Keystone to provide a local office in your community.  Keystone will work with your agency to provide full service community corrections program that includes:
  • Alcohol Monitoring
  • Day Reporting
  • Drug Testing
  • Electronic Monitoring 
  • Employment Placement and Job Search
  • Evidenced-Based Workshops
  • GPS Tracking
  • Pretrial Services

Keystone will work with your agency to implement an offender-pay program where program participants will pay a daily rate and Keystone staff will monitor offenders and provide full case management.  

Keystone staff will meet your agency's objectives for a successful electronic monitoring program.  

Keystone is dedicated to customer service and that is why we offer more than one type of monitoring equipment.  We offer the best equipment from the leading manufacturers of offender monitoring devices.  This allows you to choose from a variety of equipment, software and services to get what your agency needs to run a successful electronic monitoring department.  

Contact Keystone today to schedule a program consultation and a 15 day product trial with our state of the art offender monitoring equipment.  

Keystone's Community Corrections Programs can minimize impact and increase public safety by:

•Reduce prison overcrowding

•Rehabilitate offenders

•Increase Offender Accountability

•Protect the Community

•Providing Cost Effective placement options for appropriate offenders

•Improving the community integration process for offenders and their families

•Reducing the probability of future criminal behavior through programming that addresses certain behaviors, attitudes and thought processes that are associated with reoffending

•Addressing chemical dependency, employment, education and other issues

•Allowing offenders to work while serving their sentence enable them to pay taxes, program fees, court costs, restitution and child support.