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Community Corrections Center
Alcohol Monitoring
GPS Tracking
Keystone Home Monitoring Agency will assist government and private criminal justice agencies in starting a new electronic monitoring program, or to enhance an existing program. 

Keystone HMA offers a wide range of offender monitoring equipment in-which we have preformed extensive testing on the various industry-leading electronic monitoring equipment and software. Keystone HMA offers you what we believe to be the best in the electronic monitoring industry. 

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Curfew Monitoring:
Landline and Cellular Units
The 1st one piece GPS device created in the industry, the BluTag.  
Receives and records one GPS point per minute, including the date, time, speed the offender was traveling and the nearest street address.  
Hypoallergenic fiber optic strap that detects tampering.  
Sends alerts when it detects jamming or shielding of the GPS signal.  
Veritracks is a patented cloud based software application  that receives stores all monitoring data from the BluTag, Blu+ and Bluband.  
Officers log in from desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Monitor offenders from anywhere!
When all you need is curfew monitoring, use the BluBand and Bluhome.  Data transmitted over the phone line or through cell towers.  
​Combination RF and GPS tracking.  Officers are able to create up to 3 Check-N locations outside of the offenders home.  
Uses cell towers and U.S. Uses cell towers and U.S. Department of Defense s of Defense satellites to transmit tracking data.  
Reduces false "leave" alerts.  
​Works in conjunction with the Blubox.  
Web-Based Monitoring Software

Handheld breath alcohol monitoring device. 

Tests offenders during scheduled times and provides a picture plus the GPS location of where the test was taken.  
Mems 3000

Home based alcohol monitoring unit.  

Takes test and picture at scheduled times.

Results are emailed to officer. 

1) Rules Are Made To Be Followed - This Workshop is for offenders convicted of underage drinking and criminal impersonation. 

2) Responsible Living - This Workshop is for offenders convicted of petty crimes such as; bad checks and vandalism.

3) Coping With Anger - An Anger Management Workshop for offenders that display uncontrolled aggression.

4) Escaping A Bottomless Pit - A Workshop for offenders convicted of driving while their license are suspended. 

5) Driving The Right Way - This Workshop is for offenders convicted of DUI.  

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Keystone HMA provides the corrections field with a comprehensive set of cognitive-behavioral therapy materials, including workbooks, guides, CDs, and audiotapes. These materials help reduce recidivism and turn lives around. 

 Sign-up for the workshops by calling (717) 793-2253.  Classes are held the second Sunday of every month. Pizza and Soda are served for lunch.  

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Real Time Alcohol Detection and Biometric Recognition system. 

Provides GPS location of every test, positive or negative. 

96 hour battery life. 

Newest device on the market. 

Handheld breath alcohol monitoring device. 
Tests offenders during scheduled times and provides a picture plus the GPS location of where the test was taken.