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Keystone Home Monitoring Agency, LLC
Community Corrections Center
Keystone Home Monitoring Offender Management Programs:

Day Reporting – required probationers, parolees, and court referrals to follow strict individual program plans while maintaining contact with their caseworker. 

Electronic Monitoring – Offenders sentenced to their home are electronically monitored 24- hours a day to track when they leave. Equipment also allows for random location checks. Alcohol monitoring can be combined with this sentence. 

Global Positioning Satellite – The offender wears a GPS tracking device that tracks offenders whereabouts 24/7/365 anywhere they reside in the United States.  

Pretrial Supervision – Provides supervision for offenders released from jail with a criminal case pending. The program addresses jail overcrowding and helps to ensure that defendants make their court appearances.  

Alcohol Monitoring – Monitors the offenders for use of alcohol. Random tests are administered daily.  

Employment Placement Program / Job Search – Job seeking and interviewing skills are taught as part of this program which assists offenders in finding and maintaining employment.  

Evidence-based Workshops – Program that addresses certain criminal behaviors, attitudes, and thought processes that are associated with re-offending. By utilizing these proven programming practices, Keystone is able to reduce the probability of future criminal behavior.  

Drug Testing – Oral drug test and alcohol testing is done for Keystone’s own clients and for outside agencies.